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The primary product is Joshua, a product developed specifically for the Trust, Legal and Financial Services Industry to facilitate storing paper documents (trust agreements, legal documents, mutual fund statements, etc.) and electronic documents (statements, reviews, daily reports, email, etc.).

Joshua Configuration Information and Suggestions
Windows Environment: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7
Server 4 Gig RAM min, 250 Gb SCSI or Sata Drives(RAID recommended).
Workstation 1 GB RAM min, USB interface required for scanning workstation.
PCLANS: Microsoft 2000, Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2008(and R2), Novell 4.1+
Communication Topology: Ethernet 10 /100mb, 1gb or Token Ring
Communications Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX, Microsoft NetBEUI, Named Pipes (SQL)
Servers: Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2008, Novell 4.11 or greater
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Download the Joshua System Flow

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